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What Vampires Can Teach You About Outdoor Cinema

What Vampires Can Teach You About Outdoor Cinema

It all seems relatively simple. People like movies. People like food. People like getting together. People like vampires. Well, maybe not so much that last one. So how does one harness people’s interests to deliver an experience unlike any other? All you need is top quality equipment, some creative genius, and a couple vampires hiding in a bat cave. Let me explain.

Street Food Cinema is an event company that delivers everything people desire in watching movies, and much more. The company is based in Los Angeles, the murder (film) capital of the world. They aim to bring many elements together to produce not just a cinematic experience, but a whole new meaning to the term “outdoor cinema.”

The drive-in movie began almost 100 years ago and was a massive hit among audiences across the nation in the 1950’s. Street Food Cinema has taken the outdoor drive-in movie experience and re-created it to fit a modern audience’s idea of a truly memorable event that keeps bringing people back for more.

Their biggest scale event is an overnight camping experience in which event-goers set up their camping gear and get ready for activities going all night. What’s beyond special, however, is their use of one predominant theme that ties every little detail of the event together.

At their latest overnight event in early October 2017,  The Lost Boys was the feature film, not only a perfect choice going into the Halloween season but also due to the 30th anniversary of the film’s release. The movie’s main theme is vampires, as two teenage boys move to a fictional town in California, also known as the “murder capital of the world” due to the mass population of blood-sucking vampires.

They could simply just show the movie, but instead, they go above and beyond to deliver an experience beyond just the film. The entire event was designed around this vampire theme. They had a live vampire hosting a vampire training obstacle course, vampire teeth, a vampire scavenger hunt, 80s dance music videos, and event decorations that all tied into The Lost Boys theme.

Before the movie, there was even a live musical performance by G Tom Mac himself.  G Tom Mac is the artist who wrote the theme song for the movie 30 years ago! After the performance, they hosted an interview with the musical artist and Billy Wirth “Dwayne” from the film. What a great presentation before the start of the movie!

Of course, there was plenty of street food to choose from as everyone gathers on the grassy lawn with their blankets and camp chairs, to spend quality time together while the vampires come out to play (on screen of course!) Once the movie is over, the party has only just begun. A poppin outdoor lounge, scary karaoke, roasting marshmallows for s’mores by the fire pits and night hiking are among the many activities to partake in at this overnight event. The party doesn’t stop once the movie is over.

So what can vampires teach you about outdoor movies? Once night falls, the party has only just begun. With a top of the line Open Air Cinema inflatable screen, the right audio equipment, and a vessel of imagination you can truly create a cinematic experience to be remembered.

Maybe it’s not just the vampires that people love so much, instead how the entire event theme is done so wonderfully. Why not gather all your friends and family, and spend time in the great outdoors with an extraordinary themed movie experience unlike one you will find in the theaters? You don’t have to throw an event for thousands of people with vampires either, unless of course, you have some hanging around in your outdoor shed!

Outdoor movies can provide a fun experience for just about anyone looking to have an adventure. You can create your own version of a themed movie event in your own backyard. Just make sure to have the best Open Air Cinema inflatable movie equipment, a group of your favorite people, a little bit of street food and a movie that everyone can enjoy together. Oh, and don’t forget to bring your camping gear. It’s time for an outdoor movie marathon!

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