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  • What Vampires Can Teach You About Outdoor Cinema

    What Vampires Can Teach You About Outdoor Cinema

    It all seems relatively simple. People like movies. People like food. People like getting together. People like vampires. Well, maybe not so much that last one. So how does one harness people’s interests to deliver an experience unlike any other? All you need is top quality equipment, some creative genius, and a couple vampires hiding in a bat cave. Let me explain.Read More

    10/26/2017 Events 0 4035
  • Cinebike Magic in Mexico

    Cinebike Magic in Mexico

    Our good friends at Bike Friday have just published a feature on their blog (Spanish version here) about our very own Claudia Covarrubias (Open Air Cinema Foundation) and her latest adventures in Mexico.Read More

    01/23/2017 2521

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